現代アートをもっと身近にする「ART TEE LAB」プロジェクト

ART TEE LAB は日常的なTシャツというアイテムに「現代アート作品」を掛け合わせることで、日本の現代アートへの興味の扉を開くきっかけを作りたいという想いから誕生したプロジェクトです。
第一弾目となる今回は、8名のアーティストとアートTシャツを限定制作し発表いたします。この夏、ART TEE LABでお 気に入りの現代アートに出会ってみませんか?

猪瀬直哉、瓜生太郎、大野彩芽、風間サチコ、⻄山寛紀、森山大道、横田大輔、横山裕一 (五十音順) 

The Club Tokyo
Vacation on the Blue

Naoya Inose Vacation on the Blue


July 3, 2021 - August 27, 2021

THE CLUB is pleased to present Naoya Inose's solo exhibition, "Vacation on the Blue".

"This exhibition mainly introduces works that include the image of a pool (water). I have painted the motif with various metaphors in mind, sometimes as a symbol for Japan, and at other times, indicating life and death, silence, and the like. Water is the beginning of everything. It accounts for 80% of our body. And 71% of the surface of the earth.

This indispensable element for us living creatures is the theme of my painting, installations, and other works.

Through this exhibition, I want to offer the visitors an opportunity to deal with their reluctance to go on vacation due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and satisfy their wish through an imaginary experience instead. A Vacation with family, friends, and significant others. Not only do humans need such a thing, but the earth may also need a break. Vacations are essential. They help us, and the earth alike, to get started anew and recover.

Facing this situation, I decided to make an installation work that emulates a swimming pool as I have painted the motif for so long. It offers an imaginary vacation.
Visitors cannot jump into the pool and play in the water before their eyes. Still, I think the blue color field can stir the sensation of precious everyday experiences.

The new “Pocket Vacation” is a series of painted pools hung on the wall. I wish the exhibition can offer a vacation to both humans and the earth, in the best way I could imagine to do so.

Throughout my practice, I have tried to paint the harmony between the environment and human beings as the basic essence of my work. I want to continue to develop this theme and, if possible, create new forms of harmonious coexistence."-Naoya Inose

※Under current COVID-19 circumstances, the government is considering to enter another phase of state of emergency from April 25th to May 11th, 2021. The state of emergency issued this time will most likely request all department stores to temporarily close. If this regulation is finalized and enforced, THE CLUB will also enter a period of temporary closure.
For those who have already made appointments online for Hiroka Yamashita's show "Cosmos Remembered" between April 25th and May 11th, we are extremely sorry to inform you that your appointment will be cancelled. We sincerely apologize for the incovenience caused.

However, the gallery will be open to the public for the entire day tomorrow (Saturday, April 24th). Hiroka Yamashita's show will be on view, without any appointments required.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.

Gallery Rosenfeld

The landscape: from the exterior to the interior

From its inception in 2011, gallery rosenfeld has always been interested in the genres which have defined art history and how they continue to provide inspiration for contemporary artists. Although the ‘portrait, ‘still life’ and ‘landscape’ still have a relevance, there is very little critical attention on these supposedly “outdated” subjects. The only exception to this is the portrait, which has recently assumed a renewed predominance.


The gallery will now host two exhibitions centred around ‘The Landscape’. The first will open on May 6th and is entitled ‘The Landscape Part 1 - From the Exterior to the Interior’, whilst the second ‘The Landscape Part 2 - From Arcadia to the City’, will open in late July.


The first exhibition will explore how traditional ideas of landscape have evolved in the modern and contemporary world.


featured artists:


Araminta Blue

Lu Chao

Mutaz Elemam

Ndidi Emefiele

Naoya Inose

Marianna Gioka

Eduardo Stupia

Ruozhe Xue

Yohji Yamamoto x Naoya Inose

May 06, 2020

Yohji Yamamoto x Naoya Inose

この度、THE CLUB所属アーティスト、猪瀬直哉と、discord Yohji Yamamotoによるカプセルコレクション「discord Yohji Yamamoto Naoya Inose Collection」を 発表致します。5/8(⾦)12時よりdiscord Yohji Yamamoto Online Boutiqueのみの限定発売となります。

油彩やアクリルを⽤い、緻密でリアルな⾵景画を描く、アーティスト猪瀬直哉。「Romantic Depression」 (ロマンチックな憂鬱 )と題された、⾃⾝2回⽬となるTHE CLUBでの個展で発表されている新作など5つの作品をピックアップし、discord Yohji Yamamotoと猪瀬 のセッションにより⽣まれたピースを、discord Yohji Yamamotoの限定コレクションとして販売します。

ブラックアウトした⿊の世界の中で、陰影をつくり、⼈の⾝体を起点に、有機的なクリエイションをかたちづくるdiscord Yohji Yamamotoの表現。陰鬱で複雑な世界の中に光が射し込み、無機的で空虚な中に、壮⼤な希望 (ロマンス )が宿る猪瀬⽒のペインティングワーク。 平⾯の中に存在する創造に対するロマンスが引き出され、discord Yohji Yamamotoのクリエイションの上に、ある種、無機的に、重⼒をもつことなく展開されながら、造形物として深い陰影(光)を⼿にする特別なコレクション 。

discord Yohji Yamamoto S/S 2020コレクションのシグネチャーであるバッグシリーズ Drapeをはじめ、Wallet SeriesやCard Caseに、猪瀬を代表するモノリスやペンギン、近年注⼒する テレビのカラーバーをモチーフにしたアートワークが表現されたコレクションは、個数限定で販売。猪瀬直哉の⼿書きのサインとエディションナンバーが記載されております。

discord Yohji Yamamoto Online Boutique(のみの限定発売となります。

We are pleased to announce the limited capsule collection "discord Yohji Yamamoto Naoya Inose Collection" by "discord Yohji Yamamoto" with Naoya Inose. The collection will be on sale from May 8th 12pm , exclusively on discord Yohji Yamamoto Online Boutique.

The limited capsule collection includes Wallet, Card Case and signature bag series “Drape” from “discord Yohji Yamamoto S/S 2020” collection, featuring Naoya Inose’s paintings including works from his solo exhibition "Romantic Depression". Each piece will have Naoya Inose’s handwritten signature and edition number.

The collection will be available only on discord Yohji Yamamoto Online Boutique(